Our Story

The Satija Research Foundation for Library and Information Science (SRFLIS) was founded in 2009 with the collective efforts of leading library professionals like Prof. KP Singh and others & registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 vide Registration No. 64563/2009 With the following objectives:

  • To promote research and development activities in the Library and Information Science;

  • To launch/sponsor/publish and distribute research and scholarly library literature;

  • To organize seminars, workshops, competitions, training programs, and lecturers in LIS;

  • To award scholarships to deserving and meritorious students and researchers;

  • To undertake consultancy and research projects in the domain of LIS;

  • To undertake, encourage, promote and sponsor all such activities, which sustain and promote the LIS in India; and

  • To collaborate with similar organizations in the field to achieve its mission and execute its functions.

The Foundation, since its inception, has played a vital role in the growth and development of Library Education, Research, and Outreach activities. SRFLIS in collaboration with leading teaching and professional associations has organized Three International Conferences with the brand name ‘SRFLIS Summit’ i.e., 1st Tecnia-SRFLIS Summit- 2014:International Conference on Grey to Green: Creating Sustainable Environment through Green Management Librarianship, ICT, Entrepreneurship, Social Corporate Responsibility' in 2014; the 2nd Tecnia-SRFLIS Summit-2015:International Conference on Content to Connectivity: Paradigm Shift in Knowledge Innovation, Information Representation, Information Management Systems, and Librarianship’ in 2015; and the 3rd DLA- SRFLIS Summit-2019:International Conference on Digital Age Strategies in Information Management for Sustainable Librarianship’ in 2019.

The SRFLIS also published serval quality references/textbooks, a few important tiles as Plagiarism: An International Reader; Guru Nanak: A Webliography Open Access Books in English, Punjabi & Hindi; Punjabi Reference Sources: A Descriptive Guide; Library Classification and SR Ranganathan: A Guide and Human Resource Management in Libraries and Information Centres, etc.

Further, for encouraging and promoting a culture of motivation, the SRFLIS also instituted SRFLIS Awards for recognizing the Eminent LIS professionals who contributed to the growth and development of librarianship in India.